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The NIRO-Hi conference smart device brings a more intelligent assistant to meetings powered by AI technologies. Users can directly locate contacts through voice. In addition to basic meeting functions, users can also remotely control all IOT hardware during meetings with voice interaction, including air conditioner, curtain, projector, and lighting. The top dynamic light belt has rich status indication delivering a smart and agile use experience. NIRO-Hi can interconnect mobile phones and computers to complete high-quality online meetings.

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Tone is a wireless home speaker with body made in concrete, material chosen for its dense nature providing a solid enclosure. It's equipped with two full-range and one subwoofer speakers that provides a continuous power output of 200W. Built-on batteries and Bluetooth allows Tone to be placed anywhere in the house providing a Hi-Fi sound experience. Both color of the concrete and material of front and back panel can be customized and the optional aluminum front grid is kept in place trough magnets.

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Model One is a DAB internet radio which blends the authentic materials with the new technologies. The wooden cabinet is further extended to the front while covering a square shaped portion to emphasise the authenticity of the wood material more. Both the control panel and the display have matte, anti-glare finishing to keep the technology invisible and hidden and promote the real material use in the product. The wireless charging on top helps user to maintain long hours of enjoying the music, while charging their mobile devices and keep the radio in the center of life, again.

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ShiftCam ProGrip

Today, mobile phones have become the main source for social content creation. Although convenient, shooting on mobile lacks comfort. ProGrip is an ergonomic solution providing that missing comfort in mobile shooting. ProGrip keeps content creators shooting all day, while seamlessly fitting into their mobile creative workflow. ProGrip's intuitive design and expandability makes it the ultimate accessory for mobile content creators.

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The Aspen tripod head is designed to simplify compositional framing for photographers. The open construction creates a large range of motion which allows for quick adjustments in both landscape and portrait orientations. A hollow ball with holes provides weight savings while maintaining strength and rigidity and the lever clamp is secure, adjustable and intuitive. The matte black anodized aluminum finish gives the Aspen a streamlined, modern look that can withstand years of use.

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As a music player, the highlight is to focus the button function of the traditional player on the bird itself. Users only need to touch the back of the bird to cut songs, collect and pause music and other requirements. At the same time, users can observe the position of the moving bird to judge the progress of the song, and judge whether the music is collectable by the color of the bird's back. The overall shape is small, the image of the bird and music player fit.

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