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PaMu Nano

PaMu Nano develops "invisible in the ear" earbuds tailored for young users and suitable for more scenarios. Design is based on more than 5,000 users' ear data optimization, and finally ensures that most of ears will be comfortable when wearing them, even during lying on your side. The surface of charging case uses special elastic cloth to hide the indicator light through the integrated packaging tech. Magnetic suction helps easy operating. BT5.0 simplifies operation while maintains a fast and stable connection, and aptX codec ensures higher sound quality. IPX6 Water-resistance.

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urbeats tips

People usually use capsule urbeats. There will form enclosed space when they plugging capsule urbeats into auditory meatus. This will strong tension at the moment, and cause eardrum discomfort, also harm eardrum after long term wearing. Perforated urbeats silicone tips is designed with air pores in the inner wall which can balance the pressure inside and outside auditory meatus, avoid pressure difference. This can alleviate the tension and damage to eardrum and can also release the pressure intensity of sound stage, reduce stimulation, adjust ambient noise, and reduce hidden danger.

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Every aspect of the Centennial Tripod has been carefully considered to provide landscape photographers with an intuitive, stable camera support. The primary focus on function and accessible operation eliminated extraneous features and yielded a tripod that looks as smooth as it feels. The precise tolerances achieved from the machining and finishing processes contribute to the fluid movement and reliability of the levers and twist locks. Carbon fiber leg sections blend with anodized aluminum to create a unified, monochromatic style that is understated but still eye-catching.

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The first oscilloscope designed for touch from the ground up, the Tektronix 5 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO) features multiple patent-pending design elements offering a revolutionary experience with unparalleled digital visibility. An enhanced user interface provides intuitive touch input, visual and statistical feedback, and improved contextual problem-solving. With a 15.6-inch HD display, 5 Series MSO allows most functions to be performed on screen, minimizing knobs and buttons.

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The loudspeaker products are specifically for home cinema equipment that are invisible, energy efficient, low-emissions, space-saving, and easy-control, thus creating for people the audible, invisible, omnipresent and great sounding experiences. The total thickness of 3.35cm makes the speaker easily hidden in the wall. The combination of aerospace materials and sophisticated technologies generates wonderful aesthetic audiovisual experiences.

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Int Divaldi

Int Divaldi is a high-end audio integrated amplifier. Int is built with Innovative design of cooling system, without fans. The amplifier works in class A or AB for high power consumption. Int has dual mono construction, transformer with independent coils for each internal receiver. Input for MM or MC gramophone. The frame is made of steel, the housing and the cooling system are made of aluminium. Whole amplifier is powder painted. Importantly, Int is assembled and tested manually. Work on the final version of the device lasted several years

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