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Silver Siren

Silver Siren is a handmade speaker project inspired by Siren the mythology. Sirens were dangerous creatures who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. They were sometimes depicted as beautiful women, whose bodies, not only their voices, are seductive. Silver Siren was designed to depict the imagery of the siren and the ocean.

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Inspired by the social media revolution, the following design is a stick-and-shoot camera. The main user feature is taking entirely hands-free photos. Users can simply stick the camera anywhere, thanks to the special nano-adhesive backing. They then can control the camera with an app. The ball joint enables one to take pictures from any angle. The design allows for solo content creation that would otherwise require carrying around a surplus of heavy camera equipment. The friendly exterior encourages interaction with the camera, and the bold blue color is attention grabbing.

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Shr.d is a vinyl record shaped music player. S stands for the square, h for the hole, r for the red, and d for the dot. This product combines these basic graphics. Combined with the preferences and aesthetic orientation of the new generation of young people, shr.d is connected basic graphics and overlapped them, thus making them simple and exquisite. At the same time, it can also play music through a usb connection. Shr.d breaks through the concept of classical appearance and integrates into modern life, home furnishing, leisure, and other fields.

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iFlytek SR702

iFlytek SR702 is an intelligent recording device that supports recording, extracting, editing and other functions of information. Offline transliteration function is firstly released in the industry to further solve users’ privacy concerns without network. The product supports PPT/image text extraction, and at the same time supports 8 languages and 12 Chinese dialects transliteration, which creates a new AI interactive experience of recording important information in multi-scene.

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The primary function of the design is to provide the perfect sound. The design was inspired by the form of a horn (of Chief Lehel, who was a leader in a Hungarian myth). The design functionally adjusts to the performances of a speaker and the positions of the internal components. Therefore, a completely new and unique speaker design was born thanks to engineering. The design of Ono is durable because its functionality and minimalism, but it’s definitely not a simple-looking product. By the end of designing, Remion Design Studio achieved a goal which perfectly matches their design philosophy.

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Meama Dropper

Dropper is an innovative vending machine for coffee capsules - with a distinctive design that follows Meama’s Head Office design concept. Dropper is presented in two visuals - concrete and wood. Customers have the opportunity to match them with different interiors. Dropper’s upper section’s transparent design allows the customers to view all six cylinders filled with various coffee capsules, which makes it easier to choose their preferable flavor. In addition to its ease of use and design, Dropper is energy efficient and eco-friendly.

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