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Int Divaldi

Int Divaldi is a high-end audio integrated amplifier. Int is built with Innovative design of cooling system, without fans. The amplifier works in class A or AB for high power consumption. Int has dual mono construction, transformer with independent coils for each internal receiver. Input for MM or MC gramophone. The frame is made of steel, the housing and the cooling system are made of aluminium. Whole amplifier is powder painted. Importantly, Int is assembled and tested manually. Work on the final version of the device lasted several years

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Fragment 8

The Fragment 8 retro camera design team uses modern digital technology to recreate the authentic look of Super 8 home movies. To reinvent it to be modern, the design team applies the artfully crafted curves inside the design to render the product compact and delightful to the eyes. Quality of the exquisitely processed shell surface is accentuated by the Genuine Leather in order to showcase the elegance in simplicity.

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The unique lighting equipment providing high-speed shooting creates a series of high-quality images that represent a series of layers, and can be used for both amateurs and professionals. This simple lighting equipment saves time and energy in creating a truly high-quality picture with infinite opportunities for post-production. It easily can change the intensity and color temperature of the light, turn on or off individual and groups of sources, and also apply color filters to them.

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The NIRO-Hi conference smart device brings more intelligent assistant to meetings powered by AI technologies. Users use voice to control NIRO-Hi without hands-on operation. Users can directly locate contacts through voice. In addition to basic meeting functions. User can also remotely control all IOT hardware during meeting with voice interaction, including air conditioner, curtain, projector & lighting. The top dynamic light belt has rich status indication delivering a smart and agile use experience. NIRO-Hi can interconnect mobile phones & computers to complete high-quality online meetings

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Tone is a wireless home speaker with body made in concrete, material chosen for its dense nature providing a solid enclosure. It's equipped with two full-range and one subwoofer speakers that provides a continuous power output of 200W. Built-on batteries and Bluetooth allows Tone to be placed anywhere in the house providing a Hi-Fi sound experience. Both color of the concrete and material of front and back panel can be customized and the optional aluminum front grid is kept in place trough magnets.

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urbeats tips

People usually use capsule urbeats. There will form enclosed space when they plugging capsule urbeats into auditory meatus. This will strong tension at the moment, and cause eardrum discomfort, also harm eardrum after long term wearing. Perforated urbeats silicone tips is designed with air pores in the inner wall which can balance the pressure inside and outside auditory meatus, avoid pressure difference. This can alleviate the tension and damage to eardrum and can also release the pressure intensity of sound stage, reduce stimulation, adjust ambient noise, and reduce hidden danger.

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