Office:macoware Head Office by Siu Kwok Kin Stanley

Siu Kwok Kin Stanley Portrays The Macoware Head Office Office

Siu Kwok Kin Stanley, the designer of the award winning work Office:Macoware Head Office by Siu Kwok Kin Stanley points out, The office is located in an industrial building that mainly used to be warehouse which is build in 1970’s in Hong Kong. A f <Cropped>

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Charity Library by Cheng Hui Hsin

Cheng Hui Hsin Portrays The Ep Books Taichung Charity Library

Cheng Hui Hsin, the project leader of the displayed work EP Books Taichung - Charity Library by Cheng Hui Hsin explains, In first floor of EP Books , the designer use a curved interface to outline the flow of the book. The curved book shelves setting <Cropped>

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Armchair by Linda Martins

Linda Martins Shares The La Tarde Armchair

Linda Martins, the creator of the awarded design La Tarde - Armchair by Linda Martins points out, Inspired by the Scandinavian style, La Tarde is an armchair that invites relaxation, a comfortable space in the late afternoon. Its fine lines and clean <Cropped>

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Florence by Anna Strupinskaya and Anastasia Kokoreva

Anna Strupinskaya and Anastasia Kokoreva Discloses The Florence Wiring Accessories Line

Anna Strupinskaya and Anastasia Kokoreva, the author of the awarded work Florence - Wiring accessories line by Anna Strupinskaya and Anastasia Kokoreva demonstrates, The great architect Brunelleschi, who created the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore cath <Cropped>

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La Sinfonia De Los Arboles by Dagmara Oliwa

Dagmara Oliwa Shares The La Sinfonia De Los Arboles Table

Dagmara Oliwa, the project leader of the displayed work Dagmara Oliwa's la SINFONIA de los ARBOLES Table points out, The table la SINFONIA de los ARBOLES is a search for poetry in design... A forest as seen from the ground is like columns fading <Cropped>

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Studio by Ismael Barry

Ismael Barry Presents The Studio Music Video Ios App

Ismael Barry, the project leader of the highlighted project Award Winning Studio Music Video iOS App points out, How do people discover music that speaks to them in times that they need it the most? Studio was designed to build personalized music vid <Cropped>

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Call For Expression of Interest For Shelter Design For The Protection of Mosaics At An Archaeological Site in Cyprus

Please Read Call For Expression of Interest On Getty Conservation Institute Web Site: Http://

Please read call for expression of interest on getty conservation institute web site:

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Software as a by Keyvan Kasaei

Keyvan Kasaei Demonstrates The Software as a Service

Keyvan Kasaei, the lead designer of the displayed project - Software as a Service by Keyvan Kasaei explains, UReferred, is a Software as a Service, referral hiring platform designed for companies to hire more effectively through trusted <Cropped>

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Reception Center by Cheng Sheng

Cheng Sheng Shows The Others Design Touch Reception Center

Cheng Sheng, the creator of the highlighted work Cheng Sheng's Others Design Touch Reception center demonstrates, There are 3 different floors in this case. According to our need, we divide these 3 floors into Concierge Area, Distribution Area, <Cropped>

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Tres Birds Workshop's Uchi Restaurant

Tres Birds Workshop Exhibits The Uchi Restaurant

Tres Birds Workshop, the designer of the highlighted work Restaurant by Tres Birds Workshop demonstrates, Uchi creates food with fresh ingredients in ways that defy expectations. The design intent was to support this mission through the program of th <Cropped>

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